We cater to all our clients’ needs. We offer families the unique opportunity to tour the colleges of their choice in the US, Canada and Europe
Our tours are designed around the student’s interests and we ensure that they get a customized and in-depth look at college campus by

Connecting them with faculty in 1:1 meetings
Attending classes
Meeting with academic
/support services
Touring specialty areas of campus
such as sports facilities, labs and studios
Attending research conferences
& symposium


The university admissions process is structured to center on the student’s needs, hopes and fears but often fails to take into consideration the key role parents and guardians play. At Ariston Admission Experts we were parents before we were counselors and we understand the mental and emotional strain that comes with stress, inevitable tension between you and your child and finally, a separation that, though inevitable, still comes as a shock. Parents and guardians are pillars of the admissions process whose voices, opinions and emotional state are valued.

“Ariston Elite Admission Services guided my daughter through every stage of the application process and helped her secure a place at all three business schools of her choice. Their incredible ability to cater to exactly what my child needed made all the difference in the world. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Victoria K.