Our College Admission Services

IB RESULTS: 98% of our students achieved a Level 7 in their chosen subject, 42+ points in their IB Diploma

Grades 7-8: The Foundation

  • Honing academic skills and building a strong foundation for discipline, time management and programmed studying
  • Working with the student to discover their strengths and passions to help them create an unshakeable background of extra curriculars.
  • Finding various academic, action and volunteering opportunities in their vicinity that show resourcefulness, ingenuity and determination from a young age
  • Evaluating academic inclinations, convictions, strengths and passions to discuss potential future studies and careers.

Grades 9-10: The Build Up

  • Academic advising on what courses students should pursue judging by their strengths, interests and university choice
  • Expert advice and individual  solutions on overcoming and making up for academic weaknesses
  • Creating study schedules for Standardized testing (PSAT in Grade 9, SAT and ACT prep should typically start by the end of Grade 10) and providing resources for preparation
  • Building and cultivating their extracurricular activities
  • Finding summer programs for academic preparation, volunteering or extracurricular enrichment
  • Helping student create the beginnings of a holistic resume

Grades 11-12: The Golden Mile

  • Planning college tours
  • Academic coaching for the final years in school (Internal assessments/ coursework, Extended Essays included)
  • Standardized tests and subject test academic advice
  • Developing a customized Testing Timetable!
  • Resources and advising on the Personal Statement and College Essays
  • Final editing and consultation for the personal statement
  • Consulting on financial aid information, scholarships and grants (strategy and information)
  • Final, holistic evaluation and feedback (with reference to admission officers and prestigious alumni) to give you the final —- seal of approval!
  • Alumni or Academic Interview prep advice
  • Guidance on Evaluating Admission Offers and the Final Decision

“Ariston Elite Admission Services guided my daughter through every stage of the application process and helped her secure a place at all three business schools of her choice. Their incredible ability to cater to exactly what my child needed made all the difference in the world. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Victoria K.